Residents in Beaumont and Nederland, TX, and surrounding areas who have an older heating and cooling system, the best advice would be to schedule a new air conditioning and heating installation. Opt for air conditioning units with a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of 13 or higher and furnaces with an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratio of 90 percent or higher.

To avoid the need for air conditioning and heating repair for newer HVAC units, there are three ways to keep heating and cooling systems running in top condition.

Change the filters. Dirty furnace filters require a unit to work harder to push the warm air through the clogged air passages. This increases the possibility of a unit breaking down. Dirty air conditioning filters restrict the air flow and cause ice particles to form in the unit’s evaporator. Neglecting to change the filters is one of the top reasons for units to require air conditioning and heating repair.

Check the condenser. Although it is wise to ensure that the condenser will not be subject to environmental hazards, this component was specifically engineered to withstand the outdoors. Always make sure that it is not covered and that nothing is blocking the passage of air.

Support the HVAC units. Use electric fans to help circulate the air faster. Properly ventilate the attic and the basement to decrease the cooling requirements. Close the doors, windows, and other possible sources of air passage. Run utility equipment, such as dryers and dishwashers, to elevate the temperature of the house during the winter.

There are a lot of ways to prevent undue air cooling and heating repairs and elevated electric bills. Registered technicians in Beaumont and Nederland, TX, and surrounding areas are capable of evaluating whether air conditioning and heating installation is necessary for the replacement of ineffectual units.