If you are planning to install a high-efficiency HVAC system in Beaumont, TX, here are a few factors to consider before choosing one of the many air conditioning options on the market: 

1. Select a high-quality brand. Though today’s air conditioning options are many, you’ll never go wrong by purchasing your system from a reputable HVAC dealer.

2. Understand the variables that affect your system’s performance. Even systems with high SEER ratings require proper air flow, well-sealed ducts, correct refrigerant levels, and properly matched coils to deliver optimal energy-efficiency results. The air conditioning specialists at Thermacon are factory-trained to properly install your air conditioner so you’ll derive maximum benefit from its SEER rating.

3. Choose the right size system for your home. Your range of air conditioning options may seem overwhelming, but our air conditioning specialists can help you cut through the confusion and avoid purchasing a system that’s too large – or too small – for your needs.

4. Select a company that uses NATE-certified air conditioner repair and installation specialists. When experienced air conditioning specialists handle your installation, you’ll know the job will be done right.

5. Look for the Energy Star emblem. Energy Star-certified air conditioner repair and installation companies carefully carry out each step of a quality installation: checking equipment size, properly sealing ducts, optimizing air flow, and checking refrigerant level or charge for your air conditioner or heat pump.

6. Consider installing ceiling fans to help circulate cool or warm air and increase the efficiency of your HVAC system. 

7. Plan to have your air conditioner repair and installation technician install a programmable thermostat. One of the most cost-effective air conditioning options, this little unit saves you money by letting you use energy-saving pre-sets to adjust your energy usage levels when needed.

8. Consider having your air conditioning specialists do an energy audit prior to installing your new air conditioner. This will identify areas that need insulation, minimizing air leakage from your home.

Before buying and installing your system, always do your homework. If Thermacon Service Company, Inc. can help, we’re happy to be of service. Our factory-trained, NATE-certified air conditioner repair and installation specialists can make sure your Beaumont, TX air conditioner installation goes off without a hitch.