At Thermacon Service, an air conditioner repair company serving Beaumont, Texas, we think it’s important for home and business owners to have a basic understanding about the functions of their air conditioner. While it’s not necessary to know as much as we do, a brief overview of how your unit functions will help you know when air conditioner repair is required. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn there are some things you can fix on your own.

Most homes and smaller businesses in Beaumont are equipped with air conditioners that have an outdoor and an indoor component. In order to produce cool air for your home, your air conditioner functions with the aid of a refrigerant gas. This gas must be re-cooled and then condensed, which is usually accomplished by taking in outside air. The refrigerant gas typically goes by its brand name Freon, although that has been replaced by Puron in recent years. Once the gas has been cooled, it makes its way through the ductwork in your home or office to produce a central air conditioning effect.

Your air conditioner is made up of several distinct parts. These include the air filter, compressor, condenser, coils, fans and air handling unit. If even one of these parts is not working properly, you should contact Thermacon Service for air conditioner repair. That is because each part is dependent on the other parts in order to function. During your annual maintenance appointment, our service technicians check these parts carefully to ensure the unit operates at peak efficiency.

The drainage system and pan is the third part of your air conditioner that aids in its functioning. If the drainage tube is blocked, you will need to arrange for air conditioner repair. Otherwise, the condensation can’t drain out of the unit and into the pan outside of it.