We love our pets very much; we take them to the vet, we play with them, we cuddle them, and we keep them safe within our homes. But, dangers to your pets, from toxic plants to dirty air, lurk within your Beaumont, Texas, home in places you never thought of.


Many insect-killing sprays and gels are toxic to animals. This can include some OTC flea and tick medication, according to the Humane Society, especially if you don’t use a species-appropriate medication. Your best bet? Hire a professional insect company that uses pet-friendly products, and always get your pet medications from a veterinarian.

Toxic Plants

Lots of ornamental plants are toxic to animals if the leaves or flowers are ingested. These include popular holiday plants like poinsettia, mistletoe, and holly. Because hungry pets often snack on things they aren’t supposed to eat, it’s best if you check on possible toxicity concerns before you have any plants in your house. Even with plants that are acceptable, keeping them out of your pet’s reach is a good idea.


Pets get colds and have allergic reactions just like humans do. Bad IAQ, including dusty air, mold spores, and indoor bacteria, makes it hard for your pets to breathe. An easy fix is changing your air filter once a month. If you have a pet with serious respiratory issues, a room air purifier that sits near your pet’s bed might help.

Exposed Wires

Many species of pet love to chew on things. Even with delicious toys available, some of them will choose unsavory options like electrical wires or charging cables. Always keep cords and cables tucked under rugs, and charge your electronics in spots your pets cannot reach.

Many Thermacon Service Company, Inc. technicians have pets, so we know how important these adopted members of the family are. Schedule us to assess your IAQ or give your HVAC system a tune-up. Whether it’s an IAQ improvement or an overall improvement in temperature, both you and your pets will appreciate the change. Call us at 866-797-1535.

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