If you own or manage a commercial building in Nederland, Texas, you’re probably responsible for many of the tasks that keep it running smoothly. HVAC maintenance is especially important since it ensures a comfortable and healthy atmosphere for your tenants or employees. It’s critical to make sure that your routine maintenance service involves an inspection and servicing of the rooftop unit.

Importance of the Rooftop Unit

The rooftop unit on a commercial building is an integral part of the overall ventilation and airflow within the space. This type of unit is modular, which means additional units can be installed or existing units can be removed, depending on the needs of the structure. Expanding the building is easier since you don’t have to worry about major HVAC renovations or whether the larger space can be sufficiently heated and cooled. Simply install one or more additional units.

Rooftop units can also improve the overall appearance and functionality of the property where your building is located. Since these components are placed on the roof, space around the building is free for landscaping, parking spaces, or other functional use. You can also take advantage of features like reduced energy waste, better distribution of heat and humidity during the summer months, and quieter operation.

Routine Maintenance

Servicing the rooftop unit isn’t always included with the standard annual maintenance service on the heating or cooling system. If your building has a rooftop unit, be sure to mention its location so your technician can provide the appropriate service to that section of the HVAC system. Since the unit sits on top of the roof, it’s constantly exposed to the elements. It can get dirty or damaged over time, so the technician should perform some light cleaning and a full inspection to ensure all components are working properly.

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