According to the Advanced Energy Center, the United States gets 50 percent of its energy from foreign suppliers. This energy keeps air conditioning running. It also helps heating units warm every home in the Golden Triangle and the rest of America. However, the Advanced Energy Center believes that the country can become energy independent soon.

The Advanced Energy Center aims to regain control of the country’s energy supplies. The organization pursues this project with the help of political leaders, corporations and citizens. They hope to accomplish energy independence by July 4, 2016. However, many have asked if this is possible. 

With the advancement of technology and engineering, the supporters of this program believe that it is possible. In fact, there are heating and cooling systems that run on geothermal and solar power now. These power sources do not seem to have any problems running air conditioning units. Geothermal and solar power sources are safer for the environment and do not decrease the functionality of the heating and cooling units. Residents of The Golden Triangle who prefer these systems save a lot on costly energy bills. 

If these power sources safely and efficiently run air conditioning systems and furnaces, they can also do the same with other electrical appliances. Coupled with more effort, research and engineering, an energy independent U.S. is within reach. In 2016, all heating and cooling systems may operate using energy that was produced in the U.S. Residents of the Golden Triangle will no longer have to worry about their high energy bills. 

When that time comes, air conditioning unit owners can enjoy the summer indoors. However, it also requires the development of a comprehensive energy policy to support this cause. Home and business owners in the Golden Triangle should support this program and make energy independence possible in 2016.