Every January, the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Exposition (AHR Expo) is held in a major city in the United States. The event for 2012 took place over three days in Chicago and drew the largest crowd yet. With over 40,000 people in attendance and thousands of vendors, there were several key air conditioner repair and installation trends that were identified. Our air conditioner repair and installation company, Thermacon Service Company, Inc., learned about new heating and air conditioning options as the result of the show that can be of use to our customers in the Golden Triangle area.

When it comes to air conditioning options, the biggest trend to emerge from the AHR Expo was the ductless split system air conditioner. According to our air conditioning specialists, a ductless split system air conditioner is one which provides cooling to a home or business in the Golden Triangle on a room to room basis. For example, if a business owner wants to control air conditioner costs, he or she may choose to only use air conditioning in the parts of the building that are used most often. As the owner of the air conditioner, the business owner has complete control over how it is used with split system installation from our air conditioning specialists.

The air conditioning specialists at our air conditioner repair and installation company have also noticed that people prefer programmable thermostats or remote control access in order to control air conditioning options. With these air conditioning options, you don’t even have to be home to ensure that your indoor air temperature is at a setting you prefer. The air conditioning specialists from Thermacon Service Company, Inc., our air conditioner repair and installation company would be happy to discuss additional air conditioning options with you during a home visit.