Is duct cleaning in your future? Without knowing it, your ductwork can have issues that can impact the efficiency of your HVAC system and possibly even the health of your family. Learn the three tell-tale signs to decide if duct cleaning is the answer.

1) Visible Mold Growth 

If you have excess moisture in your Golden Triangle home, you could have mold growing in the ductwork. Both sheet metal and insulated ducts can grow mold.

How do you know if you have mold in your ductwork? Look for visible mold inside your ducts. Also be aware of any musty odors in your home. Other signs of mold in the ductwork that indicate you need duct cleaning are allergies and unexplained and recurring sickness.

Because homeowners can’t access the entire system, it’s best to have a professional perform an inspection. Your HVAC technician will not only thoroughly clean your ducts, but also diagnose the problem as to why mold grew. A professional can recommend changes to your HVAC system and/or recommend a dehumidifier.

2) Infested Ductwork 

Just as your attic and basement can become infested with pests, so can your ductwork. If you have gaps in your ductwork, rodents and insects can enter your duct system and take up residence. Not only will this make your HVAC system less efficient, conditioned air will travel over the debris and feces of these pests and blow it into your home.

3) Clogged Ductwork

Your ductwork can become clogged with debris and dust over the years. If this happens, it is released from the registers into your home. This also reduces the efficiency of your system and lowers the air quality in your home.

Did Your Ductwork Pass?

If you have any of these tell-tale signs, you may need duct cleaning. For any questions about your ductwork, contact the professionals at Thermacon Service Company, Inc. With over 32 years of experience servicing the Golden Triangle, we have the experience you can trust.