Summer vacation trips from Nederland, TX, are great. Before you leave, be certain to prepare your home. Your residential air conditioning system should be checked to ensure no problems will develop while you are away. Thermacon Service Company, Inc. is an air conditioning service with the experience and staff to make sure your system is working efficiently.

Your residential air conditioning unit will work most efficiently if it is maintained on a regular basis. The filter needs to be cleaned or changed every month. The drain tube and drain pan need to be cleaned with household bleach to prevent the growth of algae. This prevents draining water from backing up into the house. The outside condensing unit must be free of debris. If the unit makes unusual noises when it cycles on or off, it needs to be inspected by an air conditioning service.

Installing a digital thermostat to control your residential air conditioning unit while you are on vacation is a wise investment. Some units can be programmed from your cell phone or through a computer. You can monitor the unit, check humidity levels and see how much energy the unit uses. A digital thermostat can be installed by an air conditioning service in less than an hour.

The HVAC system provides air to the house through the ductwork system. The residential air conditioning unit can be more efficient with zoning control installed. This will allow chosen rooms to receive air conditioning service while other rooms do not. You can keep electronics, pets and plants at a comfortable level and save money on the utility bill.

Thermacon Service Company, Inc. serves Nederland, TX, and the surrounding area. They can install, maintain and repair your HVAC system. Their highly qualified staff can help you choose an energy efficient model to help you save on the utility bills.