In the aftermath of a storm, you may be concerned about the status of your air conditioning system. Storm damage is sometimes difficult to detect without professional equipment and the years of experience that our air conditioning professionals have to offer. Whether you need duct cleaning services or system replacement, we are here for you.

No Power
One of the most common problems that results from storm damage is no power to your HVAC system. If your home has electricity, check to see if the circuit breaker to the HVAC system was tripped. Reset the switch if necessary, otherwise these electrical problems are best left to professionals.

Severe storms bring in strong winds and heavy rains that leave a mess of debris. Debris can penetrate the metal cabinet of the outdoor condenser unit. Avoid the area if there are downed power lines. If the area is clear, remove debris from around the HVAC system. If debris has entered the metal cabinet, your system will require professional repair.

Duct Cleaning Services
After a storm, your home’s indoor air quality may decrease. Professional duct cleaning services restore the flow of fresh, healthy air to your home. By eliminating layers of dust from your home’s ductwork, professional duct cleaning services performed at least every 3 years help keep the air in your home clean.

At Thermacon Service, our air conditioning service professionals offer all of the services necessary to help you recover from storm damage to your home. Whether you need air conditioner maintenance, repair or the installation of a new system as a result of severe storm damage, we can do the job. When you need professional assessment of your home’s HVAC system after a severe storm has passed through Nederland, TX, our team at Thermacon Service is here for you.