If you come home in Nederland, TX, and find water pooling on the floor, do not panic. You may need to perform air conditioner maintenance or have repairs done. There are steps you should take to determine where the water came from, what to do about it and how to prevent it in the first place. Thermacon Service Company, Inc. is here to help you with any problems anytime, day or night. 

Turn off the house’s main power. You do not want to work around an electrical machine while standing on a wet floor. The indoor fuse box is not enough to shut down the AC unit. It is often  tied to the house’s main power instead. Clean up the water from the floor, walls and other places. 

Open the unit’s main door and inspect the electrical components with a flashlight. If they are dry, check the drain pan and line running from the evaporator coils to the outside. Empty and dry the drain pan. Pour a cup of bleach into the pan and turn the unit on. If the bleach does not move, the pump is clogged. You will need to call an air conditioner maintenance company for repair. If the pump works but bleach starts coming from the drain tube, it is clogged. Open the access port and try to clear the line by using a heavy wire. Use the wire gently. If you cannot clear the line, call for help. If the water drains, pour a cup of bleach into it. 

Routine air conditioner maintenance is the best way to prevent water from draining into the house. Pour a cup of bleach in the drain line every month to prevent algae growth. Pour bleach into the drain pan to keep the pump clear. Have the ducting system cleaned and maintained on an annual basis so water does not condense and pool in the attic. 

Thermacon Service Company, Inc. in Nederland, TX, is ready to perform air conditioner maintenance on any make or model of HVAC system your house has.