Spring is in full bloom in the Golden Triangle of Texas and it won’t be long before you are using your air conditioner almost every day. At Thermacon Service, a local air conditioner repair and installation company, we encourage you to look into your air conditioning options and schedule a maintenance appointment with our air conditioning specialists. When your annual air conditioning options include preventative maintenance, you can help save money and live more comfortably all year long.

The air conditioning specialists from our air conditioner repair and installation company provide you with a complete tune-up of your air conditioner every spring when you are part of our maintenance plan. While completing your tune-up, our air conditioning specialists will lubricate moving parts, make sure that wiring is tight enough, check the condition of the drainage tube and pan and much more. Typically, we complete around 20 points of general maintenance at every air conditioner tune-up.

Once your tune-up is completed, our air conditioning specialists will inform you of your other air conditioning options. If we detected any major system problems during your preventative maintenance appointment, the technicians at our air conditioner repair and installation company will provide you with a list of recommendations and a cost estimate. Should you decide to pursue these air conditioning options at a later date, you will receive a parts and labor discount for being a preventative maintenance plan member.

In addition to having your air conditioner maintained annually, our air conditioner repair and installation company recommends some basic care tips between appointments. These include checking your air filter monthly, cleaning indoor units and other useful tips. If you are not certain how to check or change your air filter, a service technician from Thermacon Service can show you this during your maintenance exam.