Without repairs, a minor issue with your HVAC system could become a severe problem. You should have your heater and air conditioner checked by an expert such as Thermacon Service Company, Inc. at least once per year to catch hidden issues and to keep your system working efficiently. Between maintenance visits, watch for these signs that your Port Arthur, Texas, home’s HVAC system needs some attention.

Bad Smells

If your home has a stale, rotting, or musty smell, you could have biological growth in your ductwork or on your HVAC system’s air filter. Change your filter, and have a professional check your ducts if the scent doesn’t fade.

If you notice a burning smell, turn off your furnace and have it checked. You could have dirty ductwork, or your HVAC system could be overheating.

Strange Noises

Your heater and air conditioner should both be fairly quiet, and you should listen for unusual noises. Normal noises include air moving through your ducts, occasional rattling from a loose screw, or a bang or click when your unit comes on or shuts off. If you hear whistling, screeching, or grinding, have an expert inspect your system.

In addition, scurrying or buzzing could indicate pests in your ductwork. Have an exterminator check your home. Then, if pesticides are used, get your ducts cleaned to remove them and get rid of pest droppings.

High Utility Bills

If your utility bills are rising, but your home still feels too warm or cold, a problem with your HVAC system is likely. You could have leaky ductwork, a refrigerant leak, poor insulation, or a unit that’s too small or large to heat or cool your home well. A professional can help you correct any problems and save you energy.

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