Heating systems provide warmth for years without any issue, but they are machines that will break down or fail. There are several signs your heater needs service that you will see, hear, smell, or feel.

Signs You See

  • Your utility bill will increase in the winter as part of heating your home. An overly high bill or unexplained increase above the normal increases, could be a sign of heater problems.
  • Standing water around your outdoor unit is a symptom of clogged lines and is a sign your HVAC unit needs maintenance.
  • Gas burning systems should have bright blue, steady flames. Yellow, flickering flames indicate a problem in the combustion process. Get help immediately since improper combustion could lead to a carbon monoxide leak.
  • If you find you’re dusting more often, have your heater checked. Dry coughs, sinus headaches, and itchy skin caused by dry air can be easily remedied with heater service.

Signs You Hear

Any strange clanking, screeching, thumping, or squealing coming from your heater should be checked out. Odd noises could mean a fan is loose or broken or something is clogged.

If your heater comes on and goes off frequently, call a service professional. It should kick on, run for a bit, and then kick off for a while. Over cycling is caused by several problems.

Signs You Smell

If you smell gas, get out of your house immediately. Call your fire department and a service technician. Gas leaks cause deadly explosions and fires.

Signs You Feel

Don’t feel much air coming from your vents? You probably need a service call. Any time your heater blows cold air, it needs seen to.

At Thermacon Service Company Inc., our qualified service technicians will diagnose and repair issues during heater breakdown quickly. Don’t leave your family in the cold this winter. Call 866-797-1535 if your heating system is telling you it needs help.

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