programmable thermostatOne of the easiest and least expensive ways to upgrade your heating and cooling system is with a new programmable thermostat. These advanced models have come a long way from the simple round dial models often found in older homes. Many are available with intuitive and informative touchscreens, wireless connectivity and a plethora of other remarkable features that promote improved energy efficiency and user convenience.

Programmable thermostats offer an amazing number of benefits for anyone looking to upgrade. Here’s what you’ll get when you decide to make the switch:

  • Lower energy bills: Programmable thermostats can help you reduce your average annual energy bill by up to 15 percent, according to research from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Your new thermostat may even pay for itself in future energy savings.
  • Greater convenience: Programmable thermostats automatically manage your desired temperatures throughout the day, making temperature settings a genuine set-and-forget experience. Some systems even allow you to set temperatures while you’re away from home.
  • More information: Many new thermostats feature touchscreen displays that offer plenty of detailed information about your heating and cooling system. Some models even offer reminders for when to change the air filter, among other alerts.
  • Increased precision: Unlike that old round dial or slider, the modernized thermostat interface is not only easier to read, it also lets you set your Port Arthur home’s temperatures with greater accuracy.
  • Works with zoning systems: If you’re installing a zoning system for your home, you’ll definitely need to replace your thermostat, as most zoning systems require programmable thermostats to work.

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