In Beaumont, TX, Thermacon Service can help homeowners achieve greater energy savings with routine ac service this season. There is a new technology that can provide significant savings on utility bills. In addition to having the air ducts cleaned and maintained, this new system uses no extra electricity to provide cooled and dehumidified air to the home.

Passive dehumidification is a system that uses heat pipe technology to remove up to 50% more humidity from the air than a regular air conditioning unit. In the first part of the system, the air travels over a heat pipe filled with cold fluid. The fluid draws heat from the air and causes condensation. The water drains to the outside of the house. The heated fluid is stored for later use. 

The air travels to the evaporator coils, where the heat transfers and condensation forms again. The moisture drains to the outside. The fluid from the evaporator coils goes to the outside condenser coils to be cooled. The amount of dehumidification is now greater than regular air conditioning units provide, but the process is not over yet. 

In the last part of the system, the air travels to the second set of heat pipes containing the heated fluid from the first part. After cooling twice, the air is too cold to comfortably transfer to the house. The heat transfers from the fluid to the air, heating it to the right temperature. The dehumidification process happens again; the moisture drains outside. 

The air feels much cooler than moist air. By using a ceiling fan, you can turn up the temperature for even more energy savings. Your ac service can install ceiling fans and the passive dehumidification HVAC system. 

Homeowners in Beaumont, TX, cannot afford to be without ac service during the summer. Choosing a high efficiency system and routine ac service will result in energy savings throughout the year. Over time, the energy savings will pay for the unit and maintenance.