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Overview of the 2012 Global Engineering Conference-Rethink-Restore-Regenerate our Resources

The Carrier Corporation has been the undisputed leader in the heating and air conditioning industry for more than 100 years. Not only is Carrier respected as the industry leader in longevity, it is also seen as an innovative corporation that is able to grow and change with the times. This was evident at the Carrier 2012 Global Engineering Conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada from March 18 to 20. As a factory authorized dealer for Carrier, Thermacon Service Company, Inc. is always interested in hearing reports from its conventions. We are a professional HVAC company in Beaumont, Texas that is proud of our close association with Carrier. As soon as we read news from the Carrier Corporation in air conditioner reviews, we pass it along to our customers via our website.

Rethink, Restore and Regenerate Resources

Concern about the environment and the sustainability of modern buildings is a concern that many people in our society share. Carrier chose to respond to this concern by making “Rethink, restore and regenerate resources” the theme of the 2012 Global Engineering Conference. The conference featured leaders in the industry who gathered together in Las Vegas to highlight discussions on green building technology over the past 20 years. However, the conference remained very future-oriented as engineers, scientists and others in the HVAC industry focused more on discussing engineering designs and sustainable building practices for commercial buildings that have yet to be established.

The president of the Carrier Corporation, Geraud Darnis, emphasized his company’s willingness to work with building contractors, commercial property owners, architects and others involved in the building process. Darnis stated all of these types of businesses must work together in order to regenerate resources. According to Darnis, this is no time to rely solely on the programs and equipment that worked in the past to regenerate resources. The time for innovation has come, and his company is willing to be at the front lines of it. Darnis foresees a future when commercial building will be in harmony with the environment as complimentary ecosystems. While repeating the urgency of working together, Darnis called on everyone at the conference to help change the world, one building at a time.
Who Else was at the Global Engineering Conference?

Over the course of the three-day event, there were more than 30 speakers who took to the stage to discuss how to regenerate resources. The speakers included natives of the United States, China, Canada, France, Egypt, India and the United Arab Emirates. From what we understand by reading air conditioner reviews, there were also numerous break-out sessions in addition to keynote speakers. The break-out sessions provided an opportunity for conference attendees to discuss the ideas being promoted by the main speakers. It also allowed them to offer new suggestions of their own in regards to regenerating natural resources for maximum energy efficiency.

What Does it All Mean for Business Owners in Beaumont, Texas?

As a customer of Thermacon Services Company, Inc., you may wonder what the Carrier Global Engineering Conference in Las Vegas has to do with your business. If you don’t have the opportunity to read air conditioner reviews, you may not realize how much Carrier sets the standard of innovation for the entire HVAC industry. That means that our company follows Carrier’s lead when it comes to new building technology on a local scale. 

If you own commercial property in or around Beaumont, our service technicians are available to discuss the various innovations put forth by Carrier. When people today rent or invest in commercial property, they often read air conditioner reviews first to find out what kind of energy efficiency they can expect. By working with a Carrier factory authorized dealer like Thermacon Service Company, Inc., you can assure your own customers that they are unlikely to find a more energy efficient building in the entire Beaumont area. Whether you are constructing a new commercial building or retrofitting an existing one, our service technicians will do whatever it takes to ensure maximum energy efficiency and sustainability.

What about Beaumont Homeowners?

If you read air conditioner reviews about the Carrier 2012 Global Engineering Conference, you may have concluded that it had no relevance for you as a residential property owner in Beaumont. While the emphasis of the conference was on commercial building structures, the same principles of regenerating resources can be used within your home. 

At Thermacon Service Company, Inc., we sell new Carrier HVAC equipment with some of the highest energy efficiency ratings in the industry. If you desire to keep your existing equipment while lowering operating costs at the same time, we can provide you with a home energy audit that was created by Carrier. Regardless of your home heating or cooling need, you can count on both Carrier and Thermacon Services Company, Inc. to meet it.

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