As a business owner, you may have recently heard of the new American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Building Labeling Program. The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers Building Labeling Program offers owners and managers of commercial buildings the opportunity to have an energy auditor evaluate the building and offer recommendations that lower energy costs and increase energy efficiency. Our air conditioning professionals at Thermacon Service Company, Inc. explain the benefits of having an energy auditor inspect your building.

Improve Your Bottom Line
While there are many expenses related to your Beaumont, TX business you cannot directly control, you do have control over your energy costs. Your energy costs may be one of your largest operating expenses. When our energy auditor inspects and evaluates your building, you will receive a list of recommendations from our team at Thermacon Service Company, Inc. that will significantly lower your energy costs. By lowering your building’s energy costs, you may be able to increase your profit margin or retain your clients or tenants without requesting rental increases.

Increase Indoor Air Quality
Our energy auditors offer ways to improve the indoor air quality in your Beaumont, TX commercial building. Problems with humidity levels and temperature variances can cause discomfort, problems with equipment and supplies and breathing difficulties for employees and guests. After following through on the recommendations made by the energy auditor, your building will have improved ventilation and temperature and humidity control.

Corporate Responsibility
In this day and age of corporate responsibility, building owners in the Golden Triangle who participate in the Building Labeling Program can offer tangible proof to shareholders, investors, clients and staff of their commitment to environmental responsibility. By taking ownership and making investments in your capital that save money and increase your business’ profitability, you are showing that you are concerned for the future. Making investments in the future operations of your business may lead to more investment and a higher caliber of tenants, clients and staff.