Reducing your impact on the environment in both your lifestyle and your Lumberton, Texas, home is a worthwhile endeavor that can help you save money and feel more fulfilled. If you’re looking for ways to live a more efficient lifestyle, check out these simple tips that don’t require too much commitment.

Swap Out a Few Light Bulbs

Remembering to turn the lights off is challenging for kids and adults, but leaving them on wastes a lot of energy. Instead of becoming a light switch monitor, simply swap out the bulbs in your most commonly used lights with LED bulbs. While the cost of an LED bulb is higher than a compact fluorescent or incandescent bulb, the amount of energy you’ll save is worth the bigger investment. They also last up to ten times longer and produce less heat, reducing how often the cooling system runs.

Head Outside

When you’re out of your house, you won’t have to use any energy. Make sure to turn the lights off, and then head to the nearest park or trail. Soaking up some of the sun’s rays can also help improve your mood and reduce mental health problems. If you have a four-legged friend, put a leash on him and make his day by taking him with you on your adventure.

Cut Back on Meat

Even serving a meatless dinner one night per week can help, since it takes a lot of energy to produce the livestock from which meat comes. A quarter of a pound of beef requires as much as 52 gallons of water, 74 square feet of land, 6.7 pounds of food, and 1,000 BTUs of fossil fuels to produce. Cows also produce more than a quarter of the emissions across the globe.

Cutting back on red meat may even help you shed a few pounds and improve your heart health, so it’s a win-win situation.

With these simple tips, you can reduce your reliance on energy and improve efficiency. Learn more about energy efficiency for heating and cooling by calling us at Thermacon Service Company, Inc. at 866-797-1535.

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