Many people in Beaumont and Nederland, Texas prefer to use an air filter to keep indoor pollution to a minimum. There are several causes of poor indoor air quality, ranging from the fumes of household cleaners to, stale air that does not circulate well. If you are considering purchasing an air filter, an air conditioning and heating repair company can help you decide on the best one for your needs. In most cases, you won’t need professional assistance to install an air filter.

The most common and inexpensive type of air filter is made of fiberglass and polyester. These filter types are used to help your heating and cooling units run more efficiently. However, you must keep up with cleaning them or they could cause damage to your systems by causing them to run less efficiently. Fiberglass and polyester air filters can be purchased at any hardware or home improvement store for approximately $10.00.

Electronic filters that you plug into a wall outlet are very efficient at getting rid of pollutants you can’t even see. A second type of electronic filter can be fit directly into your heating and cooling units. This type is the most costly and requires you to keep up with maintenance to prevent damage to your system. An air conditioning and heating repair provider in Beaumont or Nederland, Texas can advise you more on the advantages, disadvantages and, costs associated with each type of air filter.

Plug-in electronic air filters take up to 12 hours to circulate air through 500 feet of living space. If your home is double or triple that size or more, you may need to invest in additional units for the best results. A plug-in unit lasts around five years, while a filter attached directly to your HVAC unit can last indefinitely with the proper care.