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Installing a Central Air Conditioner in Your Port Arthur Residence

Without a doubt, the decision to install a central air conditioner in your Port Arthur, TX home is a very wise move. Along with the ability to keep the home uniformly cool, the right system will also cost less to operate than other options. The trick is to identify the right system and have it installed by professionals who have a vested interest in your satisfaction with the final results. Thermacon Service Company, Inc. is dedicated to making sure you are happy with your purchase and the installation.

Size Matters

Your goal is to purchase the best central air conditioner in Port Arthur, TX, one that is just right for your home. There are several factors to consider. The power of the unit should be in line with the total square footage of your home. In addition, the unit should be able to keep all areas of the home at a more or less uniform temperature. Assuming that the insulation in your home is adequate, it should not be a problem to find the best unit.

Keep in mind that if the air conditioning unit is too large for the home, there may be a problem with controlling humidity levels. While the unit will easily lower the interior temperature to the desired level, it will not run often enough to deal with high humidity levels. At the same time, a unit that is too small will run constantly, a factor that will increase the cost of operation.

Checking Energy Efficiency Ratings

Energy efficiency ratings are important when selecting the right central air conditioner. The goal is to find something that is the right size and power, but also has a high energy rating. The rating indicates how much of the consumed energy actually translates into cooler air for the home. A higher rating means you are getting more from the energy that is used to operate the system. That translates into lower utility bills.

The Installation Process

Once you have chosen the right air conditioning equipment for your Port Arthur, TX home, we can set a date and time to begin the installation. There are a few things you can do to help with the process.

If you did not have a central system in the past, this means we will need to run ductwork through the attic and other areas. Making sure that access to the attic is quick and simple is important. You also want to move furniture away from areas in which you want air vents. If you already have existing ductwork and will not need additional returns or vents, the installation process will be much quicker.

Please have someone at your home during the installation. In the event we have questions, that individual should be able to speak on your behalf. This will also help expedite the installation and ensure that by the time you get home from work the house is cool and comfortable.

Our job at Thermacon Service Company, Inc. is to make sure you are happy with your new central air conditioner. To that end, we will walk you through the selection process, help you identify the pros and cons of each system and make sure that the installation is professional and efficient

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How can we help?

Reach out and get in touch with us and see what amazing HVAC service looks like.

How can we help?

Reach out and get in touch with us and see what amazing HVAC service looks like.

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Reach out and get in touch with us and see what amazing HVAC service looks like.

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