You’re a pro at your industrial Lumberton, Texas, business, making sure products are manufactured, shipped, and delivered while keeping the wheels turning on systems most people don’t even think about. You already have plenty of things to worry about. Your HVAC system shouldn’t be one of them.

Keep reading to learn what industrial HVAC service is and why you need to work with the pros.

Service for Your Needs

An air conditioner that’s down for a day or two is a hassle as a homeowner, but in business, it can be disastrous. From lowered productivity to heat damaged computers and manufacturing systems, you could lose money when your HVAC goes down. Your industrial HVAC service provider will not only be able to help you support your system, but will also know how to repair your system and recommend viable replacement and upgrade options.

At Thermacon Service Company, we offer warranty service, replacements and upgrades, load analysis, and designs and construction for new projects, as well as ductwork design and fabrication — whether you’re building from the ground up or remodeling an existing business site. When you’re ready for a new system, we can help with chillers, roof top units, pumps, air handlers, cooling towers, and more.

Choosing Your Industrial HVAC Professional

When you’re ready to hire a company to keep your HVAC up and running, keep these things in mind.

  • Hire a company with experience in industrial HVAC. Don’t hire a residential HVAC company that has no experience with industrial business.
  • Make sure the company has worked with your type of HVAC system in the past. When it’s time to upgrade or to make a repair, you want someone who understands what you have.
  • Base your decision on the total cost of ownership instead of the cheapest price. Your HVAC professional should be able to explain how a higher quality or more energy-efficient product will save you money long-term.

When you’re ready to find your business’s HVAC service provider and work with a company who understands your needs, contact us at Thermacon Service Company by calling 866-797-1535.

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