On a hot summer day, ice seems like a refreshing way to cool down. That is unless it’s on the air conditioner of your Bridge City, Texas, home. When ice forms on your air conditioner, it indicates a problem that could result in costly repairs or possibly replacement of the unit. That’s why it’s important to know why ice forms on your air conditioner and what you can do to fix it.

Why Is Ice Forming on My Air Conditioner?

There are many reasons why an air conditioner forms ice, and many of the sources involve blockage. If filters and evaporator coils become clogged with dirt or debris, air can’t circulate through the home, yet it still pushes refrigerated air through the system. This is the most common cause of ice on an air conditioner.

If your evaporator coils and filter aren’t clogged, the most likely problem is the level of refrigerant. When refrigerant gets too low, it causes the system to work harder to produce cold air. This causes ice to form on the AC. Refrigerant leaks are also another cause of ice, as the coolant leaks onto components of the system and freezes when the system tries to cool the air.

What Do I Do?

Before turning to a professional to resolve the problem, you may be able to fix the unit on your own. However, it’s important to note that you should never chip away at the ice. Many of the components of the air conditioner are fragile and easily damaged. To start, turn off the unit and let the ice melt away. Then, check the filters and evaporator coils for blockage. If necessary, change the filter. If this still doesn’t fix the problem, it’s time to contact us for an inspection.

When your AC freezes, it’s a definite cause for concern, but don’t fret. Our professional staff at Thermacon Service Company, Inc. is more than capable of tackling the problem. Give us a call today at 866-797-1535.

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