Most HVAC systems come with a manufacturer’s warranty and, possibly, a warranty on the installation. Unfortunately, you can void this warranty. To ensure you’re fully protected, consider what can void an HVAC system’s warranty and how to avoid these problems.

Problems Caused by You

As much as you’d hate to think it, you can cause problems that void your manufacturer’s warranty. For example, one of the easiest ways to void your warranty is to fail to register it. Registering it is simple and takes just a few moments of your time. Remember to register within the deadline, too, so you can ensure you’re protected when you need it the most.

Failing to perform annual maintenance is another common problem. An annual maintenance check from a qualified HVAC professional will help you catch problems before they develop into costly repairs. It’ll also ensure you fix your leaks and replace your air filters so the system runs at its best, which will help you save money on your heating bill.

Problems Caused by Others

Actions others take with your HVAC system can also void the warranty. For example, if you hire a service technician and he or she doesn’t use parts from the manufacturer, then the warranty may be void. If you purchase a unit and don’t have it installed by a licensed HVAC contractor, and problems arise as a result, the warranty may be void as well.

So what can void an HVAC system warranty? Tampering with the unit or failing to install or care for it properly is almost always grounds for a voided warranty.

You can avoid these problems in your Beaumont or Orange area home by trusting the team at Thermacon Service Company. Contact us today for qualified HVAC services and repairs to keep your warranty in place and your unit protected.

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