It may not get as cold in Winnie Texas as it does in other states, but that doesn’t mean that winters are any more pleasant. Colder temperatures can often be difficult for your heating and cooling system to handle, especially if it doesn’t get much use during the rest of the year. Thermacon Service Company recommends regular maintenance for your heating and cooling system in Winnie as the best way to ensure that it stays running all year long and home comfortable during the winter months.

Clean Filters Regularly

Winner is no different than summer when it comes to filter maintenance.  Dirty filters can overwork your heating and cooling system causing extra strain on parts.  Keeping airflow unrestricted is part of a regular maintenance program that you as the homeowner can manage.  Once a month is the minimum but if you have pets or smokers you should do it more frequently.

Regular maintenance helps to keep your system in top working. 

Thermacon Service Company recommends an annual maintenance program that includes two inspections; one in the spring and one in the fall.  In the fall we clean your heater and check to see if it is running properly.  During this service call we may find that your heating and cooling system has parts that are not working at all and need replacement.  Other parts may be showing signs of wear and we will recommend replacing them now to prevent an unexpected equipment failure.  Should we find a need for repairs during the inspection parts and labor are discounted to customers with an annual service agreement.

Install New Equipment

If your heating and cooling system is more than 10 years old and in need of repair, we might encourage you to consider replacing your equipment.  Gas furnaces are particularly dangerous when the malfunction and can emit dangerous levels of carbon monoxide into your home.

A brand new HVAC system may be the best option for dependable heat in Winnie TX this winter.  In addition to avoiding repair bills on an older unit, new equipment is more energy efficient so upfront costs are covered in just a few years of use. 

Help with Financing

Thermacon Service Company even offers financing to customers who have experienced difficulty with less than perfect credit during tough economic times.  There’s no reason to have anything less than a dependable heating and cooling system this winter in Winnie TX.