Even if you vacuum your rugs and dust the furniture in your Golden Triangle, Texas home every day, dust may still be a problem. One of the reasons for this is that there is dust inside of your air conditioner, vents, ductwork and other HVAC equipment that you can’t see. At Thermacon Service Company, an air conditioning maintenance company in the Golden Triangle, we can offer suggestions for eliminating your dust problem. 

The best way that we know how to do this is to invest in regular air conditioning maintenance and duct cleaning. When you make air conditioning maintenance and duct cleaning a part of your spring cleaning ritual, the air inside of your home will be easier for everyone to breathe. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that removing even one-fourth of an inch of dust, grime and other debris from your ductwork can make a big difference in regards to indoor air quality. For people with allergies or asthma, duct cleaning is essential. 

The filter of your air conditioner is another area that traps a lot of unseen dust. If someone in your home suffers from respiratory problems in spite of changing the filter regularly, it may be time to upgrade to a stronger filter. Depending on the severity of symptoms, our air conditioning maintenance company may recommend a pleated, electrostatic or HEPA filter to replace the fiberglass air filter that is most likely installed in your air conditioner. A standard air filter traps only 10 percent of airborne dust particles, while a HEPA filter can capture 99 percent or more.

In addition to duct cleaning and regular air conditioning maintenance, the service technicians at Thermacon Service Company may also advise you to invest in an air purifier, in order to remove dust from the air and recycle it into clean air.