Thermostats are the brains of your HVAC system that maintain the temperature of your home in Beaumont, Texas, and some thermostats are smarter than others. So what is the right thermostat for your home? It really depends on your home and the amount of control you want for comfort and energy savings.

What a Thermostat Does

The word “thermostat” means to maintain temperature. Thermostats accomplish this feat by comparing your home’s actual temperature to the one you desire. If your room temperature is too hot or cold, then the thermostat turns on your HVAC system until the desired temperature is reached.

The actual range of temperature in the room can vary due to factors like location of your thermostat, your home’s insulation and drafts, and the fact that there is a delay between the time that the thermostat tells your HVAC what to do and how long it takes the circulating air to reach the temperature you want.

Conventional Thermostats

Conventional thermostats are switches that turn your HVAC on and off whenever the room temperature is higher or lower than desired. They are typically designed with simple dials that show the room temperature and enable you to set the temperature you want. Thermostats can also offer digital displays that may make them appear “smart” although their features are actually limited. If you have a conventional thermostat in your home, then you’ll want to consider the benefits of newer, smart thermostats.

Benefits of Smart Thermostats

What makes some thermostats “smart” is how they are better able to manage the temperature of your home, improving comfort and saving energy. Most intelligent thermostats let you set your desired temperature by day and time — so your home uses less energy when you are away and returns to your ideal temperature before you return home. Some thermostats have built-in reminders for when it’s time to change your air filters, and advanced thermostats offer the ability to control your thermostat through a simple phone app.

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