The Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA), a part of the US government, recently proposed an accelerated phase-out of R-22 which is an HCFC (hydro-chlorofluoro-carbons) refrigerant known by various names such as Freon Genetron, Isotron, Carrene and Frezone.  The Montreal Protocol, an international effort, has a goal to eliminate these recognized ozone depleting substances.   Most homeowners refer to this refrigerant generically as Freon. 

As a result of the accelerated phase-out of R-22, the cost of R-22 (Freon) has increased over 400% in the last 3 months.  In addition, our suppliers have restricted the amount of Freon that can be purchased at one time.  If you have a system that uses Freon, we will continue to be able to complete your repairs; however, your repair bill will reflect a higher cost for R-22 refrigerant due to the increase in cost for us to purchase it. 

Looking forward, if your system still uses R-22 (Freon), you should consider the following:

If your system is over 8 years old:

This may be the time to look at replacing your system with a newer one that uses the only approved refrigerant: R-410a.

If your system has R-22 (Freon) and is operating well:

We will take care of you. We have purchased enough R-22 for repairs, even though you should expect higher repair bills.

If your system has R-22 and the outside unit (compressor) fails:

It can sometimes be replaced with a replacement R-22 part, but you will be faced with higher R-22 and repair costs in the future. Outside and inside units need to match in size. Replacing your outside unit with an R-22 part is typically a lower cost ‘Band-Aid‘ fix but may be an option for you, depending on your individual circumstances.

Technology and equipment may change over time.  But one thing that won’t change is our commitment to you, our customer.   We value and appreciate your business.