When it’s time to replace your cooling system, you can’t do better than choosing one that bears the Energy Star logo. Energy Star is the Environmental Protection Agency’s program to promote energy efficiency. Consumers can be assured that appliances that bear the bright yellow Energy Star label have been tested and meet strict government product specifications. Read on for the benefits to your home when you choose an Energy Star-rated cooling system.

Exceptional Energy Efficiency

Energy Star-rated appliances far exceed the minimum energy efficiency specifications mandated by the federal government. They’re tested in an EPA-recognized lab and must be certified by a third party. Because the appliance uses less energy than similar non-Energy Star models, the homeowner knows that fewer greenhouse gases will be generated for its operation, thus helping the homeowner reduce his or her carbon footprint.

Air conditioners are significant consumers of electricity, so efficiency-minded homeowners will value the opportunity to reduce their energy consumption by choosing an Energy Star A/C.

Lower Energy Bills

Air conditioners manufactured over the last decade represent enormous strides in efficiency, through higher seasonal energy efficiency ratings (SEER) to such features as scroll compressors and variable speed air handlers. While these air conditioners may have a higher upfront cost than less efficient models, they make up for it by using less energy and thus lowering energy bills. Installing a more efficient A/C as well as choosing other Energy Star-rated appliances can save the homeowner considerably on energy expenses each year.

Shopping for Energy Star Products

Shop online for Energy Star products at the program’s website, which provides a list of approved equipment. You can also contact your HVAC contractor and specify that you want to consider only Energy Star-rated air conditioners and other HVAC equipment.

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Image via Wikimedia Commons