Indoor air quality is a huge concern for many Beaumont, Texas residents these days. That is why our company, Thermacon Service, offers air quality testing and a number of products to improve indoor air quality in your Beaumont home. If someone in your home suffers from chronic allergies or asthma, air quality testing can provide you with useful information on improving indoor air quality. This is often the first step in helping the allergy or asthma sufferer improve symptoms.

When a service technician from Thermacon Service arrives at your home or business to complete air quality testing, he or she will use a process known as GREEN. This stands for Greater Residential Energy Efficiency through New Technologies. In order to provide you with the most accurate results, our technicians will inspect your air sealing, insulation, ductwork, water heating, radiant barriers, air conditioner and heating system. In addition to providing you with information on improving indoor air quality, our suggestions can also help you improve energy efficiency and lower your operating costs.

After completing air quality testing in your Beaumont home, we will provide you with a detailed list of recommendations to improve it. This may involve obtaining additional services from our company, product recommendations or both. Air leakage sealing is a common service provided to homeowners by Thermacon Service. Products that may be helpful to improve air quality include whole house dehumidifiers, air purifiers and stronger filters in your air conditioner or furnace. 

Our most popular air quality control product is the Infinity Air Purifier manufactured by the Carrier Corporation. This device captures and kills airborne bacteria, mold and viruses that can make your family sick. Other products on the market simply trap these airborne pollutants without killing them, making it possible for them to get released into your air again.