Your HVAC system keeps your family comfortable all year round in your Port Arthur, Texas, home. In order to keep the system running smoothly, you need to have regular maintenance to ensure it is running efficiently. Here are a few tasks that you can do and others that require professional maintenance.

Home Maintenance

The air filters are very important in keeping your HVAC system performing efficiently. They trap dirt and dust before it enters into the system and then into your home. If the filters become clogged, the system has to work harder to deliver warm or cool air which can reduce the lifespan of your HVAC system. Clean or change your filters at least once a month. In addition, be sure to keep any debris away from your outdoor condenser unit and away from the furnace housing.

Professional Maintenance

For more complex servicing, it is important to have one of our professional technicians perform the maintenance. We will make sure all electrical connections are tight and secure, and thermostats and controls are properly calibrated. The refrigerant levels will be checked and filled as necessary and all moving parts will be lubricated.

Condensers units and coils will be inspected and all blower and ignition systems in the furnace will be checked. If you find that your indoor air is dirty and dusty, or you are not receiving the right amount of warm or cool air, consider having your ductwork cleaned.

Invest in a Maintenance Agreement

Investing in a maintenance agreement is a good way to ensure that your HVAC system is well-taken care of. We will remind you when it is time to change your filters, when to schedule a service inspection, and will be able to fix many issues before they become costly problems. You will save money by avoiding costly repairs or emergency service, and will enjoy improved indoor air quality.

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