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At Thermacon Service Company, we have been servicing the Vidor TX area for many years and offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all of our work. All of our technicians are factory trained, and we are an authorized Carrier dealer. Since there are rigorous standards, less than five percent of HVAC contractors are authorized Carrier dealers. We provide cost-effective heat pumps in Vidor TX, along with repair and maintenance plans for heat pumps. At Thermacon Service Company, we also offer affordable financing plans for all of our customers.

Because of the moderate winters in Vidor TX, heat pumps in Vidor TX are a good choice for your HVAC system. Pumps are used for both cooling and heating the home. These HVAC systems use electricity to transfer heat from the cool outdoors into the home during the cold seasons, and moves heat from the home to the outdoors during the warm seasons. Instead of generating heat, heat pumps move heat and provide up to four times the amount of energy they consume. As a result, heat pumps can trim electrical bills from 30 to 40 percent.

The most popular type of heat pump is the air-source system. These systems are also available for homes that don’t have any ducts. This ductless version is known as the mini-split. There are also reverse cycle chiller systems that generate cold and hot water instead of air. These can be used with radiant floor heating systems.

Geothermal heat pumps are energy efficient since they move heat between the home and ground or a nearby water source. These systems cost more to install, but have low operating expenses because they take advantage of the water or ground temperatures. Typically, the subsoil, size of lot and landscape are the factors that determined whether or not a geothermal system will be appropriate for your home.

The Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) rating is used in the HVAC industry to measure the efficiency of pump systems. The HSPF is a ratio of the British Thermal Unit (BTU) output. The higher the HSPF, the more energy efficient the system is. Systems HSPF 8 or greater are qualified for an energy tax credit. This tax break can help make your new system more affordable.

Like any other HVAC product, pump systems should be regularly serviced for maximum performance and longevity. Industry studies have shown that a regular maintenance plan will increase a unit’s lifecycle by up to 30 percent. During a scheduled tune-up visit, our technicians will inspect the ducts, measure airflow, check refrigerant charge, lubricate motors, inspect electric terminals and test the thermostat. There are also some basic steps you can take to keep your pump system in good operating condition throughout the year. Make sure to change the filters at least once every two months and clean any dirty coils with a wire brush. You can also clean the indoor supply and return registers.

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How can we help?

Reach out and get in touch with us and see what amazing HVAC service looks like.

How can we help?

Reach out and get in touch with us and see what amazing HVAC service looks like.

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Reach out and get in touch with us and see what amazing HVAC service looks like.

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