Fall is here and with it comes thoughts of improving the look and efficiency of your Beaumont area home. Consider these fall home maintenance tips to help you prepare your home for the change of seasons.

Do a Check of Air Movement

This fall, make sure the air is moving well through your home. Check and vacuum out all vents, including both HVAC system supply and return registers. Make sure nothing is blocking your vents and registers, such as furniture, rugs or drapes. Have your heating and cooling system professionally inspected to ensure that it’s fully functional and ready for cooler winter temperatures.

Check for Mold

As you inspect your HVAC system, take the time to look for mold. Visit your attic and crawl space to search for mold, as well. Mold likes to hide in warm, damp, dark places, so consider any area of your home that fits this description.

Add a Touch of Paint

As temperatures drop into a more comfortable zone and you can leave windows open, consider painting the rooms you’ve been waiting to paint. The Texas fall weather makes it possible for you to open up your home a bit, so you can properly ventilate while sprucing up.

Add Insulation and Seal Air Leaks

Does your attic need more insulation? Do you have gaps and cracks in the home’s envelope that need some weatherstripping or caulk? Now is the time to tackle these tasks as well. A more airtight and better insulated home will keep you warmer this winter, while lowering your energy bills.

Check, Check and Check Again

Check all major components in your home. From the emergency generator to the HVAC system, make sure all are running and will be available when you need them. Inspect the home’s exterior, replacing bad shingles and clearing the gutters of leaves and other debris.

If you want help with fall home maintenance, especially when it comes to your HVAC systems, please contact us at Thermacon Service Company. We are your air conditioning and heating specialists in Beaumont, Port Arthur and Nederland, and are ready to help you prepare your home for the winter.

Image Provided by Shutterstock.com