If your home in The Golden Triangle is not as warm as you would like it to be, consider switching to a hydronic heating system. This is a method of heating your home from the ground up, as opposed to having heat blowing into your home through your regular heater. One of our local technicians in The Golden Triangle area can come to your home to evaluate it for the possibility of an upgrade to a hydronic heating system. Along with the evaluation, our service technician can provide you with detailed information about the many benefits of this new way to heat your home.

The hydronic heating system is made up of tubing, a hot water heater, manifolds, pumps, and wood panels or a concrete-like building material. The water is heated below the floor boards of your home in The Golden Triangle and then rises to produce heat. This type of heating system tends to produce more even results, so that the heat is consistent throughout your home in The Golden Triangle. In addition to warm floors and evenly distributed heat, hydronic heating provides you with hot water for both the laundry room and bathrooms.

If your home in The Golden Triangle is quite small, the hydronic heating system may not be your best choice. There several components to setting this type of system up, all of which require a sufficient amount of space. However, one of our local experts can come to your home to evaluate the space you have.  Once your new system is installed, you may see savings of up to 40 percent almost immediately. It is also a quiet system, as it does not require ductwork or fans to operate.  Hydronic heating works best when you install it throughout your entire home, and can be installed when the home is first being constructed or during remodeling.