ductless systemDepending on how well they’re insulated, air ducts can waste over 30 percent of your heating and cooling bill. That’s a lot of money to literally throw out the window. While ductless systems can be more costly at installation, they have a number of benefits that may greatly impact your energy bill and the overall enjoyment of your home.

Options in Design

The appearance of heating and cooling units can be a problem when you don’t have a central HVAC system. Options usually include portable in-window air conditioners and anachronistic old space heaters that totally ruin the sleek, modern look of a well-decorated home. While ductless air handlers aren’t quite as inconspicuous as central air, they are available in a range of designs and types that flow with the surrounding aesthetics.

Installation Flexibility

Traditional heat pumps and central air systems have pretty rigid requirements for the placement of the components. Obviously, portable units are limited to any part of the house that has all of the requirements for them to operate, such as a window.

Ductless air handlers, on the other hand, can go anywhere in the house up to 50 feet away from the outdoor portion of the heat pump. This means that interior rooms and the far side of your house still get temperature control units, but the heat pump itself can be tucked away in the backyard for better aesthetics. Placing the heat pump out of the sun and direct wind may help boost energy efficiency even more.

Lack of Ducts

Aside from the massive energy savings of going ductless, there are a few other distinct benefits. These include:

  • Better control in individual temperature zones
  • No major renovations to an existing system if you need to expand
  • Fewer HVAC components to clean and have serviced regularly
  • No large, empty and inaccessible ducts where mice or other vermin can build a home

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