Those of you in Beaumont, TX that prefer to get household tasks done by yourself might be wondering if it’s possible to take air conditioning repair into your own hands. For the most part, it’s possible, but there are some potential drawbacks you should be aware of. Here are the pros and cons of DIY air conditioning maintenance.

Pros: Some Fixes Are Easy and Safe

Changing out your air conditioning filter is one of a few simple tasks you can manage yourself without professional help. Cleaning and lubing up your system are also not a problem for DIY homeowners. Depending on your experience, you may even be able to calibrate your system and perform other minor repairs.

Pros: Save Time and Money

By doing simple repairs yourself, you save the cost of labor involved in hiring a professional. You can even save time by getting a repair done without an appointment and on your schedule. The only exception to this rule is if you make a costly mistake that will then require a professional to fix.

Cons: Improper Maintenance Can Void Your Warranty

Always make sure to read the fine print on your air conditioning system’s warranty before beginning repairs. Some warranties have provisions that will refuse to pay out if the homeowner or other non-professional damages the unit. The last thing you need is red tape and huge repair costs stopping you from cooling your home in the summer.

Cons: Installing/Repairing R-22 Lines Yourself is Dangerous and Illegal

If your system has an R-22 leak or you’re installing an entirely new central air conditioning system, you cannot complete the process yourself. Federal law restricts handling of R-22 coolant to licensed professionals. Releasing the chemical into the atmosphere causes environmental damage by depleting the Earth’s ozone layer.

Whenever you’re in doubt about what the problem is or whether you can fix it, it’s safer to call a professional. Call Thermacon Service Company Inc. at 866-797-1535.

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