Living in The Golden Triangle area, you rely on your air conditioning and heating system during the ups and downs of summer and winter. Our local HVAC dealers in The Golden Triangle area can provide you with the repair and maintenance tasks that may arise. Our technicians will also supply you with a better understanding of how these systems operate and why maintenance is so important in the daily operation of your air conditioning and heating system.

Our HVAC technicians in The Golden Triangle area would like to help you understand the importance of the condensers and coils in your air conditioning and heating system. An HVAC system operates only as well as the system is cared for, in terms of maintenance and general upkeep. A better understanding of the heating and air conditioning system can help you understand why tune-ups, inspections, and general maintenance plays a key role in the efficient and smooth operation of your HVAC system.

Condensers and coils work together to create the cool air that produces the comfort levels on hotter days. The warm air inside your home is used to produce the colder air you feel. The warm air travels through the system, where the refrigerant has turned from a gas form into a liquid form. The liquid remains at a very cold temperature. Two processes work from here, producing the final result of cold air. The system’s blower pushes the warm air over the evaporator coils, which houses the cold liquid. The air is cooled by the cold liquid and circulates throughout the home by the blower.

As the process continues, the warm air is cooled by crossing over the coils. The refrigerant goes from a liquid form into a gas and the cycle will continue as the gas moves on back to the condenser to begin the process once more.

To keep the system operating in the efficient, clean way it does, the maintenance of the unit is important. Tune-ups, inspections, and air duct cleanings ensure the system’s parts all play their role in the operation. Our HVAC technicians in The Golden Triangle can answer questions you may have and set up your system on a maintenance program so that you will have a healthy, efficiently operating system.