Common ventilation problems arise in almost every household in The Golden Triangle area. This is because of varying weather conditions and changes in the season. Our local HVAC technicians can come to your home and assess any issues related to your air conditioning and heating system. While you can check for minor issues on your own, you should not try to perform extensive air conditioning or heating repair. Our certified technicians can diagnose any problems and recommend the best possible air conditioning and heating repair solutions.

Fogged windows are a common problem in The Golden Triangle. One likely cause of this is poor ventilation in the household. You should set your indoor moisture to 40 percent or lower. This will provide stable humidity inside your house. Moisture levels outdoors are often high and this can compromise ventilation. Check your HVAC system, as you should be able to manually turn down the humidity. If ventilation remains an issue, you should seek air conditioning and heating repair from one of our technicians in The Golden Triangle area. We may recommend the installation of a heat recovery ventilator.

There are some ventilation issues that occur specially during the summer.  Basements and other areas of the house often get damp during the summer, because the air outside contains a lot of moisture.

Having your system checked regularly, and prior to both winter and summer, can help you avoid some of the common ventilation issues that sometimes arise.  We can provide both air conditioning repair and heating repair, or you can opt for a maintenance program with regularly scheduled visits to help maintain your HVAC system.