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Dirty Air Filters are Tough on Your HVAC System

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Day after day, your high-efficiency HVAC system dutifully provides excellent and efficient home comfort. However, something as simple as a dirty air filter can bring that all to a halt. Clogged Air Filters Bring Trouble Your home's central cooling and heating systems rely on a steady, balanced flow of air to operate at peak efficiency. The air filter’s main role is […]

How Spring HVAC Maintence Reduces Indoor Allergens

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>The Beaumont allergy season starts early in the spring, and if you or anyone in your home suffers from the seasonal sneezing and itching, HVAC maintenance is particularly important for your household. HVAC Maintenance Reduces Indoor Allergens Over time, the air conditioner or heat pump loses efficiency due to normal wear. Dust builds up inside and finds its way into […]

Develop These 9 Energy-Saving Habits Before Summer Arrives

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The Texas heat will soon be upon us and we'll all be cranking up our A/Cs in an attempt to stay cool. Because this inevitably leads to an increase in energy usage, learning energy-saving habits is more important than ever. Here are some of our favorite tips that will help you keep your monthly energy bills in check: 9 Energy-Saving […]

The Importance of Hiring a NATE-Certified Technician

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When it comes to HVAC installation and service for your Beaumont home, only the best will do. With a NATE-certified technician on hand to handle your HVAC equipment needs, you can rest easier knowing that your home's heating and cooling system is in good hands. As the largest independent non-profit and industry supported certification organization for HVAC technicians, North American Technician Excellence […]

Programmable Thermostat: 5 Benefits of Upgrading to One

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One of the easiest and least expensive ways to upgrade your heating and cooling system is with a new programmable thermostat. These advanced models have come a long way from the simple round dial models often found in older homes. Many are available with intuitive and informative touchscreens, wireless connectivity and a plethora of other remarkable features that promote improved […]

The Advantages of the Ductless Mini Split

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There are many situations when compact, ductless mini split home comfort systems are the perfect choice to both cool and heat your home here in the Beaumont area. Mini splits work well anytime a duct system isn't part of your plan, whether you're building an addition, guest house or apartment on your property or you just want an A/C that keeps you cool using […]

Avoid These 5 Thermostat Issues in Your Home

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The thermostat is one component of your HVAC system that you may not think about very often, but it's a vital one. When you check for and correct the following issues, you can improve the efficiency of your entire heating and cooling system: It's hit by direct sunlight whenever the sun's shining. When sunlight warms the thermostat in the winter, […]

Why Service Matters and Why You Need to Pay for It

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Written by a Thermacon Customer I often find myself asking this funny but true question to people: “What do you call a person that graduates last in their class at medical school?” The answer is that you call them Doctor. The point of that question is to illustrate the absolute fact that a title is nothing more than that… a […]

A Quick Guide to Boiler Heating

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Boiler heating may be a good choice for your new home or home renovation. Furnaces are much more common than boilers in our area, mainly due to their lower initial installation costs, but boilers have some advantages you might want to consider. This short boiler heating guide will answer some basic questions: How Do Boilers Work? Boilers burn fuel, usually […]

Suspect Your Golden Triangle Home Needs a Duct Cleaning? The 3 Telltale Signs

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Is duct cleaning in your future? Without knowing it, your ductwork can have issues that can impact the efficiency of your HVAC system and possibly even the health of your family. Learn the three tell-tale signs to decide if duct cleaning is the answer. 1) Visible Mold Growth  If you have excess moisture in your Golden Triangle home, you could […]

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