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2 Surprising Benefits of Duct Cleaning

Benefits of Duct Cleaning
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If you're noticing any unpleasant health symptoms when you're in your Sour Lake, Texas, home, you could be dealing with allergies. Poor indoor air quality is a common cause of headaches, sore throats, and congestion, and it's especially concerning if the symptoms seem to worsen when you're at home. Air duct cleaning can improve the way you feel and ensure […]

Signs Your Heater Needs Help

Fix Your Heater
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Heating systems provide warmth for years without any issue, but they are machines that will break down or fail. There are several signs your heater needs service that you will see, hear, smell, or feel. Signs You See Your utility bill will increase in the winter as part of heating your home. An overly high bill or unexplained increase above […]

4 Ways to Make Your Home More Efficient This Fall

More Efficient This Fall
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In Port Arthur, Texas, fall is the ideal time of year to save energy at home, especially when it comes to your HVAC system. From programming your thermostat to sealing cracks and leaks, discover four ways to make your home more efficient this fall. Program the Thermostat When you switch from cooling to heating, don’t keep your temperature settings the […]

Stop Believing These 3 Ductless AC Myths

Learn About Ductless
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If you’re tired of repairing your aging air conditioner or paying large utility bills caused by your window units, perhaps it’s time you changed your air conditioning future. One potential option is a ductless mini-split system for your Beaumont, Texas, home. They have many benefits, though there are a few myths surrounding ductless air conditioning systems that simply aren’t true. […]

How Often Do You Need HVAC Maintenance?

HVAC Maintenance
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When you live in Orange, Texas, your HVAC system is an essential component of your home. After all, you rely on your air conditioner to keep you nice and cool throughout the long, hot summer and you need your heat pump or furnace to warm you up during those cold snaps. But what’s the best way to keep your HVAC […]

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