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Increase Your Air Conditioner’s Sustainability with Preventative Maintenance in Beaumont or Nederland, TX

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If you have not previously considered preventative maintenance for your air conditioner, we at Thermacon Service, Inc. would like to encourage you to do so. We are an air conditioner repair and installation company in Beaumont, Texas that has seen first-hand how much money people can save on their air conditioner costs by investing in preventative maintenance. When you review your air conditioning options, be sure to look at all of your bills from the past year. It is likely that a good portion of these charges would not have been necessary if you had a preventative maintenance service contract in place.

The air conditioning specialists from our air conditioner repair and installation company can complete a preventative maintenance exam at your Beaumont home or business at your convenience. Of all the air conditioning options you have to reduce costs and increase comfort, preventative maintenance is the best one yet. When our air conditioning specialists inspect your air conditioner, they complete up to 20 individual points of maintenance. This includes such things as clearing the drainage tube of debris, emptying the water pan, checking fluid levels, tightening all wiring and much more. 

At the conclusion of the appointment, the air conditioning specialists from our air conditioner repair and installation company will provide you with a report of all services performed. The report will provide additional air conditioning options recommended by the air conditioning specialists at Thermacon Service. If you decide to become a preventative maintenance plan member with our air conditioner repair and installation company, you will receive a discount on future air conditioning options that we recommended. Our air conditioner company will also provide you with a tune-up of your furnace in the fall, priority scheduling over customers without a service contract and many other benefits.

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