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Update on COVID-19

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Thank you for choosing Thermacon Service Company for your home system needs. We have implemented several new protocols to ensure our customers and employees are protected.   What to expect if we are visiting your home As always, if technicians have a known illness, they will not visit a customer’s home For your health and safety, technicians have been advised […]

How Does Preventive Maintenance Extend the Life of Your HVAC System?

HVAC Preventive Maintenance
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The HVAC system in your Kountze, Texas, home is made up of many parts, including the air conditioning unit, furnace, air ducts, and thermostat. Frequent repairs can be costly, so keeping your current system in excellent shape will not only save you money but also help your system last longer. Keep reading to learn how at-home and professional preventive maintenance […]

Duct Cleaning and Its Benefits

duct cleaning
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Ductwork plays a crucial role in keeping your Orange, Texas, home comfortable 24/7/365, but homeowners rarely think about it. Duct cleaning every five to 10 years, however, pays dividends. Read on to discover the multiple benefits. Benefits of Duct Cleaning There are three key reasons why you should periodically clean your air ducts: Cleaner house. The same dust and dirt […]

4 Warning Signs That You Need to Replace Your Heating System

Replace Heating System
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Your heating system is vital to your home's comfort and the safety of your family during the cold winter. Unfortunately, issues with your heating can result in emergency repairs at inconvenient times. The best way to prevent emergency heating services for your Beaumont, Texas, home is with preventive maintenance and repairs. Here are warning signs that you need to replace […]

How You Can Lower Your Commercial HVAC Costs

Commercial HVAC Costs
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Are you facing high utility bills on your commercial HVAC system? Business owners can spend a good chunk of their electricity bills on heating and cooling a space, which cuts into profits. To prevent such an over-reach from your HVAC system and keep your utility bills low, you need to figure out how to maximize the energy efficiency of your […]

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