The thermostat is one component of your HVAC system that you may not think about very often, but it’s a vital one. When you check for and correct the following issues, you can improve the efficiency of your entire heating and cooling system:

  • It’s hit by direct sunlight whenever the sun’s shining. When sunlight warms the thermostat in the winter, it won’t signal your furnace to cycle on, and your home will stay cold. In the summer, you’ll always be too cold because the warmth of the sun won’t let it reach the target temperature that shuts off your A/C.
  • It isn’t centrally located. If it’s located in a closed-in spot where there isn’t much air circulation, you may find that different areas of your home are either too hot or too cold. For even heating and cooling throughout your home, the thermostat should be in a central, open location where there’s good airflow.
  • It has a buildup of dirt and dust. To keep it working accurately, this sensitive piece of equipment needs to be cleaned periodically. Take the cover off and use a small, soft paintbrush to clean the working components. If you see corrosion on the metal contacts, use a dab of electronic cleaner on a cotton swab to gently clean it off.
  • It’s situated too close to a heating or cooling vent. When it’s exposed to hot or cold air, it will reach the target temperature too quickly, and your furnace or air conditioner will cycle off again before your home reaches a comfortable temperature.
  • It’s outdated or has stopped working properly. Even if it still looks good, it may not be providing accurate temperature readings, which affects your comfort and energy consumption. If it’s time for an update, a programmable thermostat is an inexpensive investment that could bring you considerable savings. Scheduling temperature changes when you’re regularly out of the home or sleeping can help you save on your energy bills.

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