6 Reasons You Need Pre-Season Furnace Maintenance and Heating Service

Cooler weather is approaching soon and with that in mind, it’s time to start thinking about scheduling your furnace inspection. By having a yearly furnace inspection, you ensure that your furnace will work when you need it to, and you can avoid costly emergency repairs in your home.  Here are 6 reasons you should schedule […]

Practical HVAC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

Millions of people all over the country know the joys and struggles of owning a pet. While pets give us all their love, they also provide us with a whole lot of pet hair. That pesky pet hair, just like dust, can fly up and get in your HVAC system. Pet hair in this system […]

Should Your AC Fan Be Set to Auto or On?

During the dog days of summer, staying cool is one of the biggest concerns for homeowners. While there are many things to consider when setting your thermostat to a comfortable air conditioning setting, one of the biggest ones is whether to set your air conditioning fan to “Auto” or “On.” This is a common question, […]

How to Choose the Best Air Filter for Your Home

Are you confused about the difference in pricing between air filters? Why are some only $3 while others are $30? While it seems like the $3 air filter might be the best deal, we’re sharing a few reasons why choosing a slightly more expensive air filter may actually more cost effective than you would think. […]

Causes of Summertime AC Failure

Although the summertime heat accompanies summertime fun, there’s nothing like a cool, air-conditioned house to come home to after a long sweltering day outside.  However if you find yourself with a malfunctioning air conditioner, you’ll be left with an oppressively hot home that might not be any better than the outside temps. We’re sharing five possible […]

Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

With the temperatures on the rise as we near closer to sweet summertime, some of us may have conflicting feelings about all of the things that this season brings. On one hand, summer gives us the opportunity to enjoy more of the outside activities that we love, but on the other hand, summer also brings […]

Thermacon Does It Again

This month we are highlighting our company’s outstanding performance and dedication to consistently providing the best HVAC service and products to the SETX area. As such, we are proud to announce that Thermacon is in the top 6% of Lennox dealers in the nation and has recently been awarded the Lennox Centurion Award! Customer Service […]

Guide to Indoor Allergens

More than 50 million Americans are affected by allergies every year. It can be hard to narrow down what specific allergens are causing symptoms that mimic the common cold as far as indoor allergies are concerned. Problems such as a runny nose, sneezing, and itchy eyes that last more than a week are likely a […]

What is a SEER rating, and why is it important?

If you’re like most people, when you hear the word SEER, you may immediately think of searing a steak or piece of meat. However, a SEER rating means something a little different in our industry, and it’s an important factor when shopping for an HVAC system. Let us give you the rundown. WHAT DOES SEER […]

The Importance of an HVAC Maintenance Agreement

As HVAC professionals with years of experience, we know the value of a comprehensive maintenance agreement. For instance, keeping up with car maintenance is a common practice as the last thing anyone wants is to be stranded on the side of the road. Similar to car maintenance, HVAC maintenance is just as important. You may […]