Are you dealing with serious allergy problems? The constant sneezing, itchy eyes and runny nose are no fun to experience. Dust mites may be the source of your allergy problems. The good news is that dust mites can be circulated out of the air in your Port Arthur, TX home when you use these tips.

What Are Dust Mites?

Dust mites are tiny arthropods that find nourishment in the skin that flakes off of your body throughout the day. Unfortunately, the air temperature in your home makes it an ideal environment for these mites to thrive. Your heating system may be circulating mites throughout your home, and many people who find that they suffer from allergy symptoms while indoors are allergic to these mites.
Extreme temperatures cause mites to die, but it is likely that your home is kept at a comfortable temperature. Low humidity also makes it difficult for mites to thrive.

How To Control Allergy Problems

Controlling your indoor allergy problems is a matter of eliminating allergens from the air. Clean air filters allow mites to be filtered out of the air. It is important for you to check filters at least once each month to improve indoor air quality. Dirty filters can easily be replaced, and the cost of an air filter tends to be low. It is a small price to pay for your comfort and health.
Dehumidifiers help to keep the humidity in your home down. Mites thrive when humidity climbs over 70 percent, so set your dehumidifier to remove moisture to keep the humidity under this number. An indoor humidity level of 50 percent is ideal for comfort and air quality.
Carpets and bedding are known to harbor mites, so it is important to keep these clean at all times. People who have allergies may want to opt for hardwood floors.

Professional Indoor Air Quality Services

If you are suffering from allergy problems when you are in your home, improving indoor air quality is your ultimate goal. Thermacon provides indoor air quality services that will help to eliminate allergens from the air you breathe.

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