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Air Conditioning Smells You Should Never Ignore

Even though it’s technically already fall, the warm temperatures are still with us, which means you are probably still running your air conditioning unit at least during the day. With the AC running though, what happens if you start to notice some unusual smells coming from your unit? There are a few types of smells that your AC unit might produce, and we’ll walk you through what those smells are and what they might mean for you. If you have any concerns about your unit, feel free to contact us!

Mold-like Smells

Mold-like smells coming from your air conditioning unit can be a sign of some type of harmful growth in your home. If you are unsure of what mold smells like, it can be described as earthy and stale, similar to the smell of decaying wood or a stuffy attic that hasn’t been aired out in months. Mold can be a health hazard, so make sure to get your air conditioning unit checked out if you notice this smell!

Musty Odors

If your air conditioning system is starting to smell musty, this could be a sign that there might be some water in your unit that is not supposed to be there, like a leak for example. This should be resolved as soon as possible because excessive water leads to mold. Of course, mold can also smell musty, so there is a chance that mold has already started growing, which is why you should get your unit checked immediately.

Sulfur Smells

As most people know, sulfur is a chemical with an odor that is often compared to the smell of rotten eggs. This smell allows homeowners to immediately recognize the occurrence of a gas leak, preventing possible poisoning or explosions. If you smell rotten eggs, you need to immediately shut off your gas and get out of your home.

While some smells from your HVAC system are more serious than others, Thermacon is here to help you with each of these needs. If you find yourself smelling any of these odors, or if you are experiencing problems with your AC, please give our experts a call! If you’d like to make an appointment, contact us at 866-797-1535, or schedule an appointment online. Visit our website for more information on our vast number of services, including air conditioning, heating, duct cleaning, indoor air quality, maintenance, commercial HVAC, industrial, and marine services.

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How can we help?

Reach out and get in touch with us and see what amazing HVAC service looks like.

How can we help?

Reach out and get in touch with us and see what amazing HVAC service looks like.

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Reach out and get in touch with us and see what amazing HVAC service looks like.

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