Heat pumps are a great way to cool the house down during those hot summer months while saving on energy and money. However, in order to get the most out of your system, you need to make sure you take care of it.

Cleaning and changing the filter on your heat pump cooling system monthly will help ensure smoother, more efficient running time. While that kind of care is essential, it doesn’t protect your heat pump from all potential problems. So how do you make sure that your system is always operating at maximum efficiency?

The answer is simple. While giving your system regular, personal care is essential to maintaining your heat pump’s effectiveness, it is not enough to keep your system efficiently running. In order to make sure your heat pump cooling system is working properly, you should schedule a heat pump tune-up with a professional HVAC contractor at least once every year.

This is extremely important because of the simple fact that your heat pump never stops working. As a matter of fact, it works all year around pumping cool air into your home or business and pushing out the heat during those hot, sunny days. If properly looked after, your heat pump could save you money and reduce your energy consumption by up to 25 percent.

The last thing you want during these hot summer days is for your cooling system to have some kind of breakdown, or for it not to be working at its full capacity. Because the scorching hot weather isn’t going anywhere anytime soon here in the Beaumont, Port Arthur, Orange and Vidor areas, the best time to get on the phone to schedule a heat pump tune-up is today.
When scheduling your tune-up, always insist on a NATE-certified technician for the work. To make sure that you always get a NATE-certified technician for all your heat pump and cooling needs, contact us at the Thermacon Service Company. Visit us on our website or call us to get your heat pump looked at and tuned up today.