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7 Common Air Conditioner Problems and Solutions

Nearly 87% of homes in the United States have air conditioning units.

Air conditioners make the indoor environment quite comfy and bearable. They have other benefits, too, which make them valuable assets in many homes.

Like the other good assets, air conditioners are prone to issues that affect their efficiency. Some of the problems are simple, while others require the intervention of an expert.

This guide will inform you of the common air conditioner problems and solutions that you should know. The knowledge will help you have a smoother experience with your AC, as you will always know how to solve the issues that arise. Check them out below.

1. Poor Air Flow

The primary role of the unit is to cool the room during summer. It’s therefore easy to recognize a reduced cooling effect in the room.

Poor or no airflow happens because of many reasons. First, the filters could be blocked. The blockage comes from trapped dust, debris, and other particles that prevent the standard passage of air from the unit to the room.

Blocked vents could also cause reduced cooling. The blockage issue is not technical, and you can solve it on your own. You only need to remove the filters and the vents carefully and clean them.

Alternatively, you may replace them if they are too old, and the cleaning does not cause a notable change. If the problem persists, seek an experienced technician’s help to advise you on the way forward.

2. Strange Noises

Air conditioners do not operate silently. But, the sound should not be too much to disrupt you from your everyday lifestyle. Something must be wrong with the AC if you have started to experience strange sounds from the AC.

The strange sounds may range from hissing to rattling, and you shouldn’t ignore them.

The sound signifies that some components of the conditioner are loose. If you ignore the sounds and continue to use the device, you might cause further issues and affect the overall efficiency of the air you get.

The ideal solution to strange sounds would be to call an expert. The technician should disassemble the entire air conditioning unit’s parts to identify the issue and solve it. Don’t attempt to repair it on your own to avoid causing further damages.

3. Bad Smell

Sometimes, you may experience foul odors coming from your HVAC system. When it’s cold, the excess moisture gets trapped on the air conditioner’s filters and other parts.

Too much moisture attracts bacteria which causes the odor. Mostly, the lousy odor occurs when the filters are filthy, meaning that you rarely clean or replace them. You may also experience the issue when there is a leakage in the unit.

The best solution to the foul odor is to call an expert. It’s not advisable to handle the issue on your own because the smelly parts could have mold. Mold is harmful to your health and can cause other adverse effects to you and your family.

The expert should inspect the entire parts to know if an animal is trapped inside or the filters need cleaning.

4. Air Conditioner Fails to Turn On

Many things can cause this AC issue. The most apparent reason is power failure. Before you switch the AC on, you should confirm that the AC is connected to power.

The issue could also be a result of a faulty thermostat. Some parts of the thermostat may be damaged, or the battery may not be working. Thermostat issues are quite sensitive, and you shouldn’t try handling them on your own.

Your conditioner may also fail to turn because of a problematic fuse. If your fuse box is overloaded, it will not transmit power well, which translates to a non-functional air conditioner. An experienced air conditioning unit expert can help you solve the issue.

5. The Air Conditioner Blows Hot Air

It can be a frustrating experience to receive warm air in your house, yet it’s summer. When this AC problem happens, you should first check the settings on the thermostat. Maybe, you have set warm air, instead of the regular cold air.

If the settings are okay, then it will be evident that there’s a significant issue. A great air conditioning technician can help you. The expert should inspect the fan and the thermostat to confirm that everything is okay.

If the problem is persistent, then the entire unit may be old, and replacement might be the last possible solution.

6. Short Cycling

Short cycling refers to short air conditioning intervals. For instance, you may notice that the air conditioner switches off ten minutes after switching it on. Or, it turns off shortly after switching it on.

At times, the unit may start and stop on its own. The problem is hazardous, and you should not tolerate it. So, how do you solve it?

The first step is to check the filters and confirm that they are clean and operational. After that, you should inspect the air conditioner for any leaks. If you don’t see a physical problem, you can call an expert to identify the issue.

7. Water Leaks

Do you often find a pool of water in the area surrounding your air conditioner unit? Are the external parts of the conditioner becoming too wet? If yes, then it’s apparent that the refrigerator is leaking.

The refrigerator’s primary role is to cool the conditioner, but it should not leak or cause excessive water accumulation. Therefore, the leak is an apparent sign that some parts of the cooling system are not working well.

The problem is not significant, and you can inspect the refrigerator on your own before calling a technician. But if you can’t see any issue, then an experienced technician can help you solve the problem.

Learn More Air Conditioner Problems and Solutions

There are many types of air conditioner problems, although the above are the main ones. If you own a cooling unit or intend to buy one, familiarize yourself with the common air conditioner problems and solutions.

An experienced technician can educate you on the issues to keep you informed. Your work is only to ascertain that the technician is well trained and reputable.

Thermacon is an AC installation and repair firm in Texas. We offer excellent heating and cooling services to both residential and commercial units. For more than 30 years, we have helped homeowners like you maintain their air conditioners, replace them, and clean them.

If you have any concerns regarding common AC problems, contact us for handy advice. We will listen to your AC needs and provide an immediate solution.

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How can we help?

Reach out and get in touch with us and see what amazing HVAC service looks like.

How can we help?

Reach out and get in touch with us and see what amazing HVAC service looks like.

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Reach out and get in touch with us and see what amazing HVAC service looks like.

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