Residents of Beaumont, Texas, know that summers are hot and humid. Running an air conditioner can’t be avoided, and with it comes a higher electric bill. If you want to avoid crippling electricity costs this summer, here are three ways to reduce your air conditioning costs.

Use AC Temperature Control Wisely

Aim to keep the inside temperature as close as possible to the outside temperature. Set the thermostat at 78 degrees Fahrenheit or as high as is comfortable. By easing the workload on the AC, you’ll notice a drop in your electric bill. When you’re out all day, turn up the thermostat to around 80 or higher. This keeps humidity at bay and will shave a bit more off your electric bill. Installing a programmable thermostat allows you to preset the temperature for times you are out of the house or at night when you’re asleep.

Keep Up With Maintenance

Preventive maintenance keeps air conditioners running efficiently, helps prevent minor issues from turning into major repairs, and extends the life span of the unit. Simple tasks like changing dirty air filters and fixing leaky ducts make a big difference in how efficiently the system will run. Dirty air filters block cooling air from reaching the vents and make your system work harder, and leaks in the ductwork let warm air from outside in. Being diligent about AC maintenance improves efficiency and saves money in the long run.

Use Portable and Ceiling Fans

Many people forget about the humble ceiling fan. Portable and ceiling fans are a great way to keep you cool. Fans don’t lower the room’s temperature; they lower your body temperature. The moving air from fans creates a wind-chill factor that helps perspiration evaporate from your skin, thereby keeping you cooler. When you’re cooler, you can raise the air conditioner’s temperature by a few degrees and use less energy.

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