Ductless mini-split HVAC systems have an outdoor condenser or compressor unit and one or more indoor air-handling units linked together by a conduit that houses a power cable, a refrigerant line, suction tubing, and a condensate drain. You only need a small hole in a wall for the conduit. Without leaky ductwork, your Beaumont, Texas, home will be much more efficient. Here are some other advantages of ductless heating and cooling.

Great Control

Each indoor air handling unit works in its own room or zone and has its own thermostat, so you only have to heat or cool occupied areas, saving energy and money. One outdoor unit can connect to up to four indoor units, creating different heating and cooling zones. Eliminating drafty areas or warm spots is easy, and some systems even come with remote controls and let you adjust your home’s temperature from your smartphone.

Easy Installation

It takes about a week (on average) to install a standard central HVAC system, compared to just one or two days for a mini-split system. You can put the indoor and outdoor units up to 50 feet away from each other in inconspicuous spots. Placing the outdoor unit away from the sun and wind also increases its energy efficiency. If you’re upgrading from a system with ducts, then you can leave them in place and simply seal them off. Adding a ductless system to a new addition saves money and leaves more room for attic and closet space.

Better Indoor Air Quality

The indoor units are small enough to hang on the wall or ceiling, they come in several colors, and they each have their own air filter for better indoor air quality. With a mini-split system, you’ll never have to worry about dust, mold, or pest droppings accumulating in ductwork and then spreading to the rest of your home.

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